Theatre Arts & Performance Studies

Dance Extension

While the dancers in the company are encouraged and supported to create their own work, they also have the rare opportunity to work with some of our most revered choreographers and some of our most exciting contemporary innovators.

Established in 1979, The Dance Extension, a modern repertory company, was created by founding director of dance, Julie A. Strandberg, on the premise that the training of dancers must include the opportunity to perform, teach, and revisit masterworks. 

Work With Legends of American Dance

Dance performance
Dance Extension: Performing a piece by Lisa Race

Extension has performed dances by Jack Cole, Martha Graham, Paul Taylor, Jose Limon, Pilobolus, Colin Connor, Carolyn Dorfman, Anne-Alex Packard, Lisa Race, and Lowell Smith. The repertory includes works by Carolyn Adams, Ruth Andrien, Laura Bennett (Brown '92), Danny Buraczeski, Danny Grossman, Donna Jewell, Lorry May, Carla Maxwell, Donald McKayle, David Parsons, Pearl Primus, and Charles Weidman. The dancers in the company have the opportunity to work with some of the legends of American Dance and to share workshops, seminars, education projects, and performances with other dancers throughout the country.


The company has performed at elementary and secondary schools, at other colleges, for Brown University Alumni Clubs in England, Illinois, California, New York State, and Washington D.C., for general audiences in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York City, Boston, MA, and Saratoga Springs, N.Y. and was hired to perform works from the repertory for schools in New York State.