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American Dance Legacy Initiative (Not Active/Archive)

American Dance Legacy Institute: a network of dance professionals, aimed at transforming how people think about and experience dance through collaborative programming that connects American heritage and building a dance literate public.

Dance classThe American Dance Legacy Initiative (ADLI) produces innovative materials and programs designed to engage artists, educators, and the general public with participatory viewing and dancing experiences. Founded in 1993 by dance pioneers Carolyn Adams and Julie Adams Strandberg


ADLI partners with a broad, geographically diverse network of organizations, inter-generational practitioners, and dance enthusiasts to carry out its activities on Brown’s campus and in communities across the nation.


  • Repertory EtudesTM Collection: ADLI assists dance artists in the passing on of their work through developing Repertory EtudesTM (short dances based on signature works of American choreographers) and assembling archival materials through interactive projects involving a range of practitioners and scholars from diverse viewpoints
  • Residencies: ADLI artists offer Repertory EtudeTM residencies that build literacy, investigate authenticity, and nurture an individual relationship to the dances
  • Events: ADLI produces workshops, performances, installations, exhibits, and Mini-Fests designed to engage participants with multiple points of entry
  • Professional Development: ADLI provides training in ADLI’s teaching methodology and workshops for practitioners in dance, arts, and cultural heritage
  • Community Engagement: ADLI brings together Brown, the greater Providence community, and the nation to celebrate America’s rich dance heritage together through ongoing and stand-alone workshops and projects.