Theatre Arts & Performance Studies


The Dance track of the Theatre Arts and Performance Studies concentration engages students in the study of dance, movement and other forms of kinesthetic performance.

Emphasizing dance technique, choreography/composition and theories and histories of global forms of dance practice, concentrators in this track will study how multiple global dance forms articulate culture, negotiate difference, construct identity, and transmit collective historical traditions. Concentrators will receive instruction in composition and technique, and engage with dance, theatre and performance production within the department to understand dance within a network of performance practices.


  • Course 1: TAPS 0700 Introduction to Theatre, Dance and Performance
  • Courses 2-4, Critical Topics and Global Perspectives – three courses. Students would need to work with their advisor to ensure their courses offer theoretical and geographic breadth. Courses could include, for example:
    • TAPS 1230 Global Theatre History from the Paleolithic to the Threshold of Modernity
    • TAPS 1240 Performance Historiography and Theatre History
    • TAPS 1250 Twentieth Century Western Theatre and Performance
    • TAPS 1281 Artists and Scientists as Partners
    • TAPS 1971 Digital Media and Virtual Performance
    • TAPS 1281Q Intro to Dance Studies
    • TAPS 1330 Dance History
    • TAPS 0210 Dancing the African Diaspora
    • TAPS 1630 Performativity and Body
  • Courses 5-6, Techniques of the Body: Two courses selected from courses such as the following – in consultation with an advisor:
    •  TAPS 0310 Beginning Modern
    • TAPS 1000 Intermediate Modern
    • TAPS 1310 Advanced Modern
    • TAPS 1341 Introduction to Ballet
    • TAPS 1340 Dance Styles
    • TAPS 0330 Mande Dance
    • TAPS 0930C Stage Movement for Actors
  • Courses 7-8, Directing/Compositional Strategies: Two Courses selected from courses such as the following—in consultation with an advisor:
    • TAPS 1370 New Works/World Traditions
    • TAPS 0320 Dance Composition
    • TAPS 0360 Viewpoints
    • TAPS 1281E Directing Theory and Practice
    • TAPS 1320 Choreography
    • TAPS 1350/1360 Dance Performance and Repertory
  • Course 9: Design or Production—one course selected from the following—in consultation with an advisor.
    • TAPS 0250 Introduction to Technical Theatre
    • TAPS 1280F Intro to Set Design
    • TAPS 1300 Advanced Set Design
    • TAPS 0260 Lighting Design
    • TAPS 1281M Introduction to Costume Construction
    • TAPS 1281A Director/Designer Collaborative Studio
    • TAPS 1100 Stage Management
  • Course 10: One additional TAPS elective.
Theatre Arts track combines the study of dramatic literature, theatre history, performance theory, and studio work.
The Performance Studies track offers a base for students interested in a variety of performance forms, performance media, or in intermedia art.