Theatre Arts & Performance Studies


Julie Dind is a scholar and artist obsessed with obsession and the performance of the non-normative social body. Her dissertation, provisionally titled "A(u/r)tistic Wor(l)ding" explores autistic modes of performance. Her artistic practice deals with what French educator, writer and filmmaker Fernand Deligny described as the "place that is not the place of saying," art outside the boundaries of (neurotypical) language. Her work is located at the intersection of performance studies and disability studies. She spent over ten years learning and researching butoh, and her research investigates the resonances between butoh understood as the unlearning of the social body and the autistic body. Since 2012, she collaborates with her a(u/r)tistic partner Rolf Gerstlauer on a multidisciplinary art project titled "Drawing NN inside butoh. "

She received a BA in Psychology from the University of Toulouse, and an MA in International Culture and Communication Studies from Waseda University. In 2016-2017, she attended Pratt Institute as a Fulbright scholarship recipient. In 2018, she received an advanced certificate in Disability Studies from CUNY.