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Emma Horwitz, Playwriting MFA ‘20, featured in The New York Times

Emma Horwitz Playwriting MFA ‘20 featured in The New York Times' "Four Theater Artists to Watch This Fall"

An excerpt from the article:

The playwright Emma Horwitz has lived in New York most of her life. The scent of the city is the scent of her memories — or the reek, depending.

“To this day, when it becomes summer and I smell a stinking garbage truck, I think of my childhood,” Horwitz, 31, said. “I think immediately of being 7 years old.”

Over coffee one August morning at Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan, Horwitz was talking about her comedy “Mary Gets Hers,” whose orphaned title character is 7 when the play begins, and is comforted by the memory of her parents’ smell.

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